Quinceanera Dresses

If your fifteenth birthday is coming up, and you will need the perfect dress, so where do you look? At dressesforus.com you’ll find beautiful designs for Quinceañera dresses. Make this birthday a special one with the right dress to mark your entrance into womanhood. The celebration will be that much more memorable.

For traditional Quinceañera celebrations, usually called fiesta de quince, the event opens by the girl arriving with her father in a special dress. Purple Quinceañera dresses are very common and tend to be a popular color. If it’s taking place indoors, the entrance to the building will be decorated and set up for the occasion. Music accompanies father and daughter, and friends give them roses.

As most fiesta de quince programs include religious aspects, meals, deserts, dancing, and other rituals, you’ll want to choose a dress you’ll be comfortable wearing for quite a period of time. Also, keep in mind the weather and/or air conditioning or heating within the building. You may want a shawl or dress with sleeves for warmth, or if it will be hot, a strapless or shorter length dress.

For the dances, be sure you can move without restraint in your dress, and that it isn’t too long that you’ll trip on the hem. As well, you may want to match or contrast the style or color of your dress if you have an idea of the decorations being used ahead of time.

Also make sure you’re honoring traditions that your culture, country or family may want to have for the event. In some fiesta de quince programs, the girl may leave a bouquet of flowers on the altar to the Virgin Mary. A mass may be held, where a locket or pendant is given to the Quinceañera by her godparents. In this case, don’t wear one of your own necklaces to the event.

Note: all of our Quinceañera dresses are original designs, and unlike other websites, dressesforus.com sends the Quinceañera dress exactly the same as the pictures you’ll see here.