Party Dresses

The secret to having the best time at a party is to have the best party dress. Look no further for a great selection of dresses for all your party needs. Whether it’s a friend’s small birthday party or a big business after party, you’ll find the right dress here.


Venus Glare Cocktail Gown

$330.00   $257.00

Tricolored Beaded V Neck Graduation Formal...

$459.00   $323.00

White Island Wedding Gown

$210.00   $187.00

Neon Yellow and Orange Prom Dress

$292.00   $220.00

LA Red Carpet Cocktail Dress

$202.00   $156.00

Flapper-Girl Cocktail Dress

$280.00   $221.00

Light Pink and Silver Party Cocktail Dress

$240.00   $183.00

Bubbly White Cocktail Gown

$292.00   $230.00

Elegant Paisley Cocktail Gown

$358.00   $277.00

Chic and White V-neck Dress

$430.00   $331.00

Lavender Strapless Tiered Cocktail Dress

$300.00   $226.00

Party Dresses - D6008

$264.00   $200.00

White Strapless Flower Fashion Evening Dress

$472.00   $332.00

Short Green Cocktail Dress

$272.00   $206.00

Party Dresses - D6007

$256.00   $194.00

Party Dresses - D6006

$277.00   $209.00

Party Dresses - D6002

$272.00   $206.00

Party Dresses - D82685

$251.00   $190.00

For a dinner party: wear something stain resistant. Always remember a napkin over your lap or tucked into the neck of your dress, but you’ll also want to prepare for accidents. It’s a good idea to look for spill or stain resistant fabric, and wear darker colors like purple, black or blue that don’t hold stains as much. The last thing you want is tomato sauce on a white gown.

For a tea party: similar dress as a dinner party. Be careful with spilling any tea or other food on your dress, but come prepared for the possibility. If there’s a theme, like a color, it would be a good idea to have the color of your dress match. Tea parties are usually attended by women only, although sometimes men are invited, and this may also influence your choice of going out dresses.

For a reception: formal evening wear. You don’t have to go as far as a ball gown or evening dress, but something on the more formal side of a traditional party dress. Knowing about the wedding colors of the couple or theme beforehand may help you to choose your dress accordingly.

For a dance party: find out as much as you can about the dress code. Dances that take place in the evenings versus tea dances in the afternoons may sway your decision on club dresses, as well as weather, and whether the dance is indoors or out.

Note: all of our party dresses for women are original designs, and unlike other websites, dressesforus.com sends the cheap party dresses exactly the same as the pictures you’ll see here.