Pageant Dresses

The most important part of making yourself up for a beauty pageant is your outfit. It’s the first thing and the biggest thing that people will see. Great makeup and jewelry likely won’t be noticed with a poorly chosen dress. The perfect pageant dress will make any half decent makeup or hairstyle look that much better than they are.


Silver and Pink One Shoulder Elegant Pagea...

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Black Sweetheart Top with Sleeves Clearance

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Sweet Sweep Silver Pageant Gown

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Strapless Silver Pageant Dress

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Short Sleeve Silver Modest Evening Dress


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Your beauty pageant dress choice will depend a lot on what kind of pageant you are going to. A glitz pageant features heavy makeup and bedazzled or crystal embellished clothing. There may be a segment where you get to model an outfit of your choice, or a swimsuit modeling as well. Often participants will wear a “flipper”, or detachable veneer, that is placed over their real teeth to perfect any yellowing or crooked teeth.

Semi-glitz pageants are similar in scope to a glitz pageant, but with more rules. You may have points detracted by wearing an unnatural hair piece or a flipper. Make sure to check the guidelines for you pageant before planning your outfit. Artificial tans and amount of makeup are often restricted as well.

Natural pageants involve very limited styles of dress. They allow only a little or no makeup, no flippers, and greatly limit how elaborate your dress is. Participants found wearing hair pieces may be disqualified altogether.

Many countries hold international contests for titles such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth. When going to another country, pay particular attention to rules and guidelines because you’ll want to dress appropriately for another nation’s culture and expectations.

Note: all of our cheap pageant dresses are original designs, and unlike other websites, dressesforus.com sends the pageant dresses exactly the same as the pictures you’ll see here.