Homecoming Dresses

As nostalgic as wearing your old prom dress to Homecoming might be, styles change and you might not dig those ruffles as much anymore, and a new dress could be just the thing to represent your new chapter in life. Homecoming dresses 2012 can be formal or informal, depending on your school, so keep that in mind as you shop for the perfect dress.


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Homecoming is almost as big an event as the prom, and definitely calls for a beautiful dress. Celebrations, parades, meals, dress up days and dances are all a part of the occasion. Activities like sports games (usually football) and cultural events are also common for students and alumni of the respective school.

Traditionally, a Homecoming Queen, King and Court will be named, and possibly a Prince or Princess as well. In an all-male school or all-female school, the Court will only be of the respective genders, although some single-sex schools may choose to join with another school just for the Homecoming events. Kings and Queens are generally chosen from students in their last year of school, and the Prince and Princess are at least a year younger.

Some schools may hold a dress up activity, often called 'Spirit Week'; where students wear costumes or clothing for a theme on each day, like nerd day, pirate day, 80s day, crazy hair day, etc. There may also be events that students are encouraged to dress in school colors for. Schools could also make homecoming dresses 2012 a part of this.

The Homecoming dance is usually the biggest night of the week, held either in the school gymnasium or an off-campus venue such as a hall. A DJ or band will provide music, and are either formal or informal in nature. The fall weather may influence your choice of long or short homecoming dresses, as well as location, what your date is wearing, if you have one, and if there’s a theme for the dance. You can choose different color for your cheap homecoming dress, such as white, black, red, blue.

Note: all of our inexpensive homecoming dresses are original designs, and unlike other websites, dressesforus.com sends the dress exactly the same as the pictures you'll see here.