Wedding Dresses

For the biggest day of a girl’s life, your wedding, the dress you walk down the aisle in must be perfect. In style, color (if you aren’t going for the traditional white) and cut, custom wedding dresses should suit you in every way. Here at dressesforus.com you’ll find gorgeous bridal dresses for very affordable prices. There’s no need to break the bank to look your best. Each dress shown will be shipped exactly as you see the photographs.


Lacy Mock Turtleneck Elegant Modest Weddin...

$331.00   $288.20

Floral White One Shoulder Dress

$278.00   $174.00

White Islands Casual Wedding Dress - No Train

$150.00   $141.50

Minerva Casual Wedding Dress with Bright R...

$208.00   $178.00

Off-White Silver Accented One Shoulder Dress

$360.00   $264.00

Renaissance Cap Sleeve Bride Dress

$279.00   $261.00

Couture Crew Neck Ivory Wedding Dress

$309.00   $288.00

Sleeveless Mock Turtleneck Gown

$422.00   $317.00

Collared White Wedding Dress

$318.00   $238.50

Light Peach Floral Accented Formal Dress s...

$341.00   $160.00

Seascapes Casual Wedding Gown

$305.00   $241.00

Beige Conniefox Designer Dress

$388.00   $301.00

Beaded Classic Beige Dress Clearance (Size...

$392.00   $200.00

White Cinched Two Strap Evening Gown

$414.00   $319.00

Pearl Criss-Cross Bridal Gown

$282.00   $223.00

Silver Wrap Evening or Wedding Dress

$433.00   $333.00

Sparkle White Cap Sleeve Formal Dress

$375.00   $291.00

Peach Gold Sweetheart Cut Floral Dress

$339.00   $249.00

Bridal gowns have been symbols of so many things throughout history, and will also symbolize special parts of your life at your own wedding. Modest wedding dresses in the Middle Ages not only marked a union of a bride and her husband, but possibly also between two families, businesses or countries.

Something that hasn’t changed throughout history is brides dressing according to social status, even in these modern days, when discount wedding dresses can be a better option. Brides tend to splurge on the best dress money can buy, even the poorest of women, for their one big day.

Styles of wedding dresses have changed, however. Today wedding dresses are available in any color you can think of such as red, blue, pink, yellow, green and even black. In the 1920s it was all the rage for wedding gowns that were short in the front and sported a long train in the back. They were worn with wedding veils attached to a cloche hat.

Later in time, full skirted gowns, extremely long trains, and other trends have come, gone, and resurfaced. Many brides choose not to follow any trends for a non-traditional wedding or a non-first-time wedding. Some brides lower their wedding costs by opting for a second-hand dress, where they can’t be too picky on style, color or trimmings that are already in place.

Note: all of our cheap wedding dresses are original designs, and unlike other websites, dressesforus.com sends the dress exactly the same as the pictures you’ll see here.