Ball Gowns

If you have a formal event coming up or a ticket to a ballroom dance, nothing will say formal like a ball gown. They are considered very traditional and delicate, and worn with expensive jewelry and dancing shoes. Look no further than dressesforus.com for your dream ball gown.


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A ball gown is reserved for the most formal of occasions and for ballroom dancing, like the name suggests. These elaborate, many layered gowns have been the go to piece for white tie events for centuries.

Traditionally, ball gowns are full-skirted gowns reaching the floor, or at least to the ankles. They are made from luxury fabrics and very finely sewn. Most gowns will be cut off at the shoulder line and include a Décolletage neckline, from the French word meaning “without a collar” to emphasize and reveal cleavage.

A military ball dress is typically worn with a stole, a formal shawl that goes with the design of the dress, or a short cloak or cape. Vintage jewelry and opera length gloves are also common accessories of the ball gown. Etiquette dictates that dancing shoes such as pumps, flats or ballet slippers may be worn with a ball gown, and women should carry a small bag or clutch. Watches are generally not thought of as appropriate, but bracelets are a great accent.

The fabrics mostly used for a ball dress include taffeta, velvet, silk or satin with ruffles, pearls, sequins, lace, ruching (a gathered knit) or embroidery trimmings. State decorations, if any, would be worn on a bow pinned to the bodice of the dress.

Debutants traditionally wear long white ball gowns for their debuts. White leather gloves reaching above the elbow with pearl buttons at the wrist are traditionally worn as well. Jewelry is minimal, but suitable for a young woman coming out to society.

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